The humble spud made beautiful

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For almost thirty years, Padraig Og Gallagher has seen many changes in the heart of Dublin. A Leitrim native, Padraig Og set up his iconic Boxty House in 1985 in a little visited bohemian quarter called Temple Bar. Little did he realise at the time that the area would become one of the capital’s thriving cultural centres, heaving with tourists, a vibrant nightlife and a spiritual home for independent cinema and the visual arts.

His offer was simple. A potato-based pancake, a forgotten staple of the west, brought to life again for Irish and tourists alike. And in 2013, Padraig Og has re-introduced his passion for cooking to a new, younger generation. His love for natural ingredients and use of artisan food producers from Ireland has created an inspired choice of food and drink – all set in a contemporary restaurant that reflects the natural flavours of the menu.

We’re proud to be chosen by Padraic Og to re-brand such a well known institution that has become an integral part of Dublin. It’s our intention that the  customer experiences a genuine taste of modern Ireland, full of conversation starters and talking points, and the warmth of that country kitchen down the west.

But at the end of the day, it is Padraig Og Gallagher’s honest food that is the centrepiece of a great evening, and its the story of how the humble spud has become such a central part of our lives.

Its the humble spud made beautiful. Visit the website here and try the Boxty for yourself next time you’re visiting the heart of Dublin.



Photography by:
Owen Barry

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