Helping to find a way home

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We believe that aligning your business to a charity, adds another dimension to the business and real meaning to the work that you do. Because you are using your skills for the greater good, it means putting something back into a community that needs you.

In the past, some of our most fulfilling design work has been for Valid Nutrition and Valid International, who have helped Third World communities get back on their own feet. But for the past couple of years, we’ve been working closely with Acquired Brain Injury Ireland to develop their brand identity, language and website.

And now we’ve just launched the website. The work that Barbara O’Connell and her dedicated staff carry out from their base in Dun Laoghaire is extraordinary. They pride themselves on the quality of services they provide to enable people with acquired brain injuries to lead meaningful lives in the community – when you sit down with Barbara and she tells you of the challenges that people and their families face, its easy to see the dedication that her whole team have. A past winner of the Newstalk Social Entrepreneur of the Year, Barbara exudes an empathy and passion for this organisation’s goal to provide the best quality personalised services to all people affected by acquired brain injuries in Ireland.

We hope that our continuing work with ABI Ireland into the future will help them to achieve their goals. Watch out for their powerful upcoming social media campaigns over the coming months, and pop onto their new site (maybe see what you can do to get involved!)

Owen Barry

"I believe that too many businesses spend their time telling their customers what they do and how they do it. But rarely do they communicate the most important aspect - why they do it. When a customer believes in a product and service that you truly believe in, they feel an emotional connection with your business that will make them a customer for life."