Re-connecting with nature

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Some people are so good at what they do, it makes our job that much simpler. Meeting Chris Kacik for the first time left us in no doubt as to the skill and experience that he had for working with wooden floors, but it was a quiet, intense passion for what he did that really stayed with us.

We knew that we had to develop a brand that felt premium, and that when we went to develop the logo and website for Green Oak Hardwood Floors, it needed to reflect Chris’ passion and understanding for the natural materials that he worked with. Developing a short film as the centrepiece to his website was an effective way that we could truly communicate this relationship. Shot over the course of three days in natural woodland, Chris’ own workshop and on site at one of his recently completed jobs, we worked closely with the brilliant (and patient) John and Lucy of Kerbute Productions to produce a piece that would strike a chord with Green Oak’s target market of interior designers and architects.

We were blown away by the quality and craftsmanship of Chris’ work when we saw it on site at one of his jobs in Dalkey. We hope that developing a strong, premium brand for Green Oak reflects this work and enhances his growing reputation.

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Owen Barry

"I believe that too many businesses spend their time telling their customers what they do and how they do it. But rarely do they communicate the most important aspect - why they do it. When a customer believes in a product and service that you truly believe in, they feel an emotional connection with your business that will make them a customer for life."